The Aquatic Critter
Chris & Jake Beggin
5009 Nolensville Pk
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 832-4541

I am pleased to announce The Aquatic Critter in Nashville, TN now carries our Aquarium Background Tape™! The Aquatic Critter is one of the finest retail aquarium stores you will ever visit, and I have personally been a customer of Chris Beggin the owner for over 25 years. The Aquatic Critter has incredible displays, products, and livestock for aquariums, reptiles, and ponds. The store and operation take up a mini-strip center and browsing it all feels like we should be paying admission to enter!

If you are ever in Nashville Tennessee I highly encourage you to visit The Aquatic Critter. It will well be worth the trip!

The Aquatic Critter not only carries our Aquarium Background Tape™, but you will find it on their front counter! They even built a cool display rack for it!

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