The Aquatic Critter Chris & Jake Beggin 5009 Nolensville Pk Nashville, TN 37211 (615) 832-4541 I am pleased to announce The Aquatic Critter in Nashville, TN now carries our Aquarium Background Tape™! The Aquatic Critter is one of the finest retail aquarium stores you will ever visit, and I have personally been a customer of Chris Beggin the owner for over 25 years. The Aquatic Critter has incredible displays, products, and livestock for aquariums, reptiles, and ponds. The store and operation take up a mini-strip center and browsing it all feels like we should be paying admission to enter! If you are ever in Nashville Tennessee I highly encourage you to visit The Aquatic Critter. It will well be worth the trip! The Aquatic Critter not only carries our Aquarium Background Tape™, but you will find it on their front counter! They even built a cool display rack for it!
KGTropicals John & Lisa PO Box 742 Edenton NC, 27932 At you'll find the best of the best. The best fish food, the best products and more importantly the best advice possible to help you achieve the most rewarding fish keeping experience possible. Every product shown and sold on is hand picked by John and Lisa because we believe it is what will help you to take the guess work out of the hobby. With almost 30 years of combined experience in the fish keeping hobby people have come to appreciate John and Lisas common sense approach to fish keeping. You can trust that if there is a product on this website it's a product that you will be certain to be successful with!!
Bentley Pascoe Goal: to teach people how to master aquatic plants, have success with their fish and get the best product info. Bentley is a Master Aquatic Horticulturalist, Rainbowfish enthusiast and breeder, owner of the Blue Hawaiian Moscow guppy mansion and all around tropical fish hobbyist. Bentley works as a Software and Hardware Test Engineer, applying his career skills and know-how to the fish hobby, rigorously testing the products he uses and bringing that information along with some tricks of the trade to fellow hobbyists.
FishFam.Link Jenna Phillips 10753 Holly Hock Drive Greenwell Spring, LA 70739 Support: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: A website that brings all things FishFam into one place! Our website, FishFam.Link , is meant to bring the aquarist community together. We do monthly giveaways to highlight businesses within the community!
Prime Time Aquatics LLC Jason & Joanna & Luke & Eli Adams PO Box 87862 Carol Stream, IL 60188-7821 224-245-8326 Hello! I'm Jason and I, along with my wife Joanna and sons Luke and Eli started Prime Time Aquatics to help people of all ages and experience succeed in the freshwater fish-keeping hobby. We got our start on YouTube in February 2017 - you can see our videos here . I started keeping fish at the age of six and have almost 40 years of freshwater fish-keeping experience. My background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, a Master's Degree in Biotechnology and Chemical Science as well as a Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture and Fish Health. Take a look around our channel to find money saving tips, helpful articles on how to be successful with your freshwater fish and browse our Prime Time Aquatics merchandise to help support our channel. From beginner to advanced, from small tank to large, we strive to enable and inspire you to improve your fish keeping game! We hope you enjoy the experience!
Christopher Scott P.O. BOX 271176 Flower Mound, Texas 75027 628-252-6423 Hey everyone! My name is Chris and welcome to the CHRISTOPHER SCOTT channel! We are all about fish keeping around here! We try to be innovative and think outside of the box with each and every enclosure build, aquarium build, and our aquascaping! Make sure you subscribe and Welcome to The Fish Room!
Jadren Aquatics Jason & Jen 501 S 5th Ave Mansfield TX 76063 (817) 692-9914 Join me as we watch my 150+ Aquarium Fish Room expand as we add more and more tropical fish. Tons of Fish Room Tours, Fish Store Tours and huge unboxings done at local fish stores. Tons and Tons of Tropical fish. Adding new fish to the Fish Room every few days! Guppies, Cory Cats, Plecos, Freshwater Shrimp, and much much more. Uploading 3-4 times a week.
KeepingFishSimple Nick Mandikos J1/241 Station Rd Yeerongpilly QLD 4105 Our goal at KeepingFishSimple is to bring happiness into people's homes with beautiful, healthy and colourful fish!
PeckTec Sean Peck 948 Baylor Cir Knoxville, TN, 37923 (865) 690 1100 I have always been a creative person. But creativity takes many forms. I started this channel to showcase my varied interests. Now after a few years my channel has grow tremendously. Although the channel will always be primarily for fish keepers I will always have a surprise in store for you with music, steampunk cosplay, convention coverage, and games (coming soon).

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